Dr. Petri Minkkinen

I am a Finnish researcher of international relations and I realise my research work in the broader sphere of human sciences within my research program the critical research of open historical contexts which includes also a more practical and normative variation the analysis of transformative politics. I am specialized in the research of globalisation, regionalisation, new imperialism, integral fascism, historical and contemporary wars and related terminology, democracy, social movements, civil society, demographic movements, capitalism, market economy and the history and actuality of revolutions. I have also thought about the possibilities of and the ways to organize the social alternatives, such as democratic regionalism and the non-imperialistic and emancipatory global and regional security systems. From my point of view an especially actual research problem is to think about the essence of the human nature and the possibilities of freedom of the human beings in the contemporary world in which there are attempts to delimit the human freedom in many ways.

The geographic orientation of my research has been in the Americas, especially the history, actuality and the future of Mexico, and the United States due to its new imperialist and integral fascist global policies and their possible reorientations. In relation to the previous, the First Real World War and the on-going transformation of the world order I have also investigated the Arab and Islamic world. I have also done research on Europe, especially the economic, political and security related integration of the European Union. Since 2009 I have studied also the question of Karelia and demographic history of Finland, the Finnish-Russian relations and the restitution of the annexed Karelia. Currently I am preparing a book on the historical and contemporary demographic situations and movements especially in Europe and Finland and the emerging immigration/demographic policies of Finland. Although I have had these geographic punctuations, my investigations maintain an analysis of the global context.

My recent articles:

New article on Mexico-USA relations and immigration: * El regreso de los mexicanos y la política de deportaciones de los EE UU en el siglo XX (2017, in Spanish), Iberoamericana Quienqueecclesiensis, 15: 148-166. Read the article

Independent Finland 100 years: * The Great European War and the Independence of Finland (2015, in Spanish), in Sorsok, frontok, eszmék. Tanulmányok az elso világháború 100. évfordulójára. Foszerkeszto: Majoros István, szerkesztok: Antal Gábor, Hevo Péter, M. Madarász Anikó. Budapest: ELTE BTK. Read the article

* The Colonization of the Inland Wilderness and the Border History from the Middle Ages to the Great Power Era (2014, in Finnish), Minkkisten Sukuseura ry. Read the article

* Karelia in the Finnish-Russian Relations (in English), Baltic Rim Economies, Querterly Review, Issue No. 7, 18 December 2013, Expert article 1448. Read the article

You can see some of my publications below:

* Karelia in the Finnish-Russian Relations (2012, in Finnish and in Spanish), Helsinki/Tallin: Karjalan Kuvalehti, The Science and Art Association KAKTUS y The Pro Karelia Association (distributed by Otava). Information and orders (KAKTUS)

* El fascismo integral globalizante (2010, in Spanish), Helsinki: KAKTUS. Information and orders (KAKTUS)

* State of Finland - Inequality, Un-democracy and Imaginary Efficiency without Progress (2009, in Finnish), Helsinki: KAKTUS. Information and orders (KAKTUS)

* Mexico's 19th Century - Politics, Economy and Foreign Relations of a Revolutionary Country (2009, in Finnish), Helsinki: KAKTUS. Information and orders (KAKTUS)

* Bush and the Future of North America. Critical Research of Open Historical Contexts and Transformative Politics (2004, in Finnish), Helsinki: SRTY/Like. Information and orders (SRTY) , Information and orders (LIKE)

* Mexico's Long Revolutions, Historia Actual Online, Núm. 25 (Primavera, 2011): 165-182. Read the article

* Wars, Revolutions and the First Real World Revolution, Historia Actual Online, Núm. 19 (Primavera, 2009): 7-27. Read the article

* The First Real World War and the Emerging Nuclear Holocaust, Historia Actual Online, Núm. 13 (Primavera, 2007): 19-41. Read the article

* The Politics of Exclusion and Repression and Beyond - U.S. North American Policies in the Global Context (2006), Revista de Historia Actual, 4(4): 57-86. Read the article

* New Imperialism and Beyond. Why the New Imperialism Will Fail and Unseat the Bush Administration?, Historia Actual Online, Núm. 4 (Primavera, 2004): 59-74. Read the article

Contacts: E-mail: petri.minkkinen[at], Mobile: +358-41-514 9022